In today’s world, most foods are usually deficient in essential trace minerals. Even though it is still not always clear what the entire role is of certain minerals either independently, or in conjunction with other minerals, vitamins and enzymes, what we do know is that nearly all living organisms require a large variety of trace minerals for sustained health.

After centuries of farming, the topsoil is deficient in trace minerals in nearly every corner of the globe. Farmers generally add only nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in their fertilizer routines. How can a mere THREE out of over TWO DOZEN agreed upon elements providing valuable life functions be adequate?

More conscientious soil amendment is required for the food chain to work properly.

After entering into the Equine market, its word of mouth reputation has made it one of the best sources of natural earthen materials to feed to your horse. Both farriers and owners are seeing the benefits this product can deliver.

Found in 1930 by pack animals in Nevada, this product remains in the same state it was discovered. Power Horse® NCTM (Naturally Chelated Trace Mineral) is a calcium based Bentonite clay that contains mostly Montmorillonite. This concentration of mineral is found in only Montmorillon France and Nevada USA. These deposits are the only two known locations with this level of mineral concentration and chelation; some 76 different trace minerals have been detected in tests in over 80 years of mining. It may provide the essential elements lacking in your animal’s diet.

Available in 4, 12, 22 and 50lb containers.

Average testing results. All values are noted in parts per million by weight, unless noted as percentage (%).