Alfalfa is a forage plant with excellent qualities and is the most widespread crop grown throughout the world. It is an irreplaceable friend of nature, essential for biodiversity and enriching the soil with minerals and reduces all types of erosion.

Alfalfa is naturally high in many essential vitamins and minerals, including A, D, E, K, and even the full family of B vitamins; biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium and many others, as well as being very high in protein, especially when dried. It is an essential source of plant proteins for animals. Alfalfa is a true store of substances, since it is the forage that actually has a composition most similar to the growing plant.

An alfalfa-based diet is essential for the growth of healthy and long-lived animals
and guarantees high quality milk, meat and egg production.

TYPICAL Analysis


Minimum Protein  16%

Maximum Crude Fibre 30%

Maximum Moisture 10%

Feeding rate

• 2 cups or 21 grams per day.

May nutritionally support:

• May soothe digestive upset like mild colic or ulcers

• May enhance muscle tone, immune system and overall health

• More caloric, this requires less grain

• Most metabolic animals as it is low in sugar and starch, and has NOT been sprayed with *Proprionic Acid

*Proprionic Acid has potentially been found

to be a precursor toward glucose production