Renew Gold® Non-GMO Equine Supplement

Renew Gold® is a supplement for all classes of horses. It is a unique formulation of energy dense, low starch, premium quality Non-GMO ingredients, and is designed to be fed at a low rate of 1/2 lbs to 1-12 lbs daily. This uniquely efficient formulation is comprised of Stabilized Rice Bran, CoolStance® coconut meal, flax, and fermented yeast culture.

Renew Gold® advances the concept of concentrated nutritional support for your horses feeding program with the use of three sources of natural vegetable oils, a unique profile of high quality protein, and healthy digestible fiber. Using a base of food grade Stabilized Rice Bran, we fortify Renew Gold® with CoolStance® coconut meal and Flax. Digestive efficiency is then enhanced with the addition of Fermented Yeast Culture. This offers horse owners the opportunity to utilize the well proven nutritional advantages of Stabilized Rice Bran in an even more effective, advanced formulation.

Stabilized Rice Bran provides usable energy from natural vegetable fat without behavioural issues often associated with high starch grain feeds. CoolStance® coconut meal is easily digested and promotes “cool energy”.

Flax is a natural source of vegetable fat and contributes anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids. The fermented yeast culture helps your horse maximize the nutrition naturally found in their hay or pasture.

Our goal is to limit or eliminate the use of high starch based ingredients in the overall feeding program. This can help to bring the entire digestive system into proper balance.


Renew Gold® truly is sound science that helps build sound horses. The unique combination of three protein and fat sources and other premium quality ingredients allows Renew Gold® to provide concentrated nutritional support for horses of all classes. Renew Gold® can improve the efficiency of your entire feeding program and is Calcium/ Phosphorus balanced so that it can be fed with any type of hay.


• Less than one year of age 1/2 lb. per day

• One to three years of age 3/4 lb. per day

• Mature Horse (low work load) 1 lb. per day

• Mature Horse (moderate to high work load) 1-1/2 lb. per day

• Senior Horse (fifteen years or older) 1 lb. per day


• Crude Protein Min 15% • Selenium Max 0.9 ppm

• Crude Fat Min 15% • Selenium Min 0.66 ppm

• Crude Fibre Max 22% • Zinc Min 22 ppm

• Dietary Starch Max 10.6% • Omega 6 Min 3.7%

• Calcium Max 1.9% • Omega 3 Min 0.8%

• Calcium Min 1.6% • Lysine Min 0.255%

• Phosphorus Min 1.3% • Methionine Min 0.145

• Copper Min 28 ppm


Heat Stabilized Rice Bran, Coconut Meal, Flax Seed Meal, Yeast Culture, Calcium Carbonate