Our Organic Barley grass is ground from the young leaves of the plant before the stems have developed and the barley grain begins to grow. it is sourced from Ontario, Canada and is fantastic quality.

Barley grass may be the only plant that can possibly be a source of nutrition of all ages of animal.



TYPICAL Analysis

  • Minimum Protein  20%
  • Maximum Crude Fibre 19%
  • Maximum Moisture 10%

Feeding rate

  • 30g - 50g once per day or double if there are any health concerns.

May nutritionally support:

  • Run down animals as it boosts energy, vitality
  • Healthy nervous system due to the high magnesium content
  • Healthy detox system
  • Healthy gastro intestinal system
  • Rich in bio available vitamins and minerals as well as magnesium
  • Healthy immune system
  • Easily absorbed throughout the digestive tract, providing the body with the optimum environment to promote health.

Our products make no medicinal claims, they are intended to support the body towards natural health.