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Our company was established in 2008 and continues to grow. We began with the Power Horse line. Since entering the Equine market, it's word of mouth reputation and results have made it one of the best sources of natural earthen materials to use with your horse.

Found in 1930 by pack animals on the borders of Utah and Nevada this product remains in the same state it was discovered. Power Horse® NCTM (Naturally Chelated Trace Mineral) it's main and only ingredient, calcium based Bentonite, containing mostly Montmorillonite. This concentration of mineral is found in only two places on this earth, Nevada and France. These deposits are the only two known locations with this level of mineral concentration, some 76 different minerals have been detected in tests over 80 years of mining. It may give back to your animal, the elements lacking in it's diet.

We then searched out the best shavings on the market. SunCoast® Pine Shavings pure pine shavings manufactured by Agri-Products based in Tallahassee Florida. The only animal bedding to hold the registered trade mark of certified organic. Our 12 cubic foot bale size saves space and money. The consistency and quality is always maintained through a controlled manufacturing facility. Only pine shavings are produced in this facility, exclusively for animal bedding.

Danamay has become one of the largest distributor and suppliers of certified organic feeds in Ontario. From Genesis Performance Plus®, Certified Organic Alfalfa Pellets, and now the Cool Stance Copra Stance®, all coconut complete feed. Coming soon is Speedi-Beet plain dried beet pulp ready in minutes not hours. All carry the certified organic logo and are GMO free. We have low sugar, whole foods that are bar none, the best feed on the market.

Lastly, we have a NEW product we distribute called SayWhoa!. It is the only liquid impaction formula on the market in Canada. The natural ingredients of this product test drug free. It can be stored in temperatures from -20c to +46c and for over five years. It is given orally on the signs of impaction. Results can be returned within 30 minutes. It saves horses lives daily from impaction due to dry food, sand, and gas.

We are your one stop source for supplements, bedding, lifetime warranty hoof picks, feed and impaction formula. All of our products are available in North America. So if you travel to Florida or the states during Canada's cold winters. Chances are, there is a dealer of our products near you.

In today’s world, the foods ingested are usually deficient in some essential trace minerals. It is still not always clear what the entire role is of certain minerals independently, or in conjunction with other minerals, vitamins and enzymes. But, it is almost certain that nearly all living organisms require various combination's of a large variety of trace minerals in order to enjoy sustained health, and to ward off disease. After centuries of farming, the topsoil is virtually bankrupt in nearly every corner of the globe. Farmers generally add only nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to their fertilization routines. How can a mere 3 out of over two dozen agreed upon elements providing valuable life functions be adequate? More conscientious soil amendment is required for the food chain to work properly.


Thanks again for taking the next step in your animals wellness and we look forward to serving your needs

Gerry Clark - Danamay Supplement Company.



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